Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Software Release Procedure Using Subversion


1. branch一个,叫B_RE_0802。(本地的trunk copy可以切换为branch copy,或者本地的人直接下载一个)
2. 在本地branch copy上修改release所需要改的东西(版本号,添加最新Manual,制作installer)。
3. 从本地branch上build一个release出来。然后对此Branch进行Tag到服务器,此Tag为T_RE_0802。
4. 从本地Branch Merge回Trunk copy,然后commit trunk copy。
5. 有bug在branch上修改,然后merge回truck. 对0802Tag不要动,发B_RE_0802_f1 版本。


1) pm work on spec, then all team members review, sign off
2) dev work on design, then all team members review, dev start working
3) test work on plan, then all team members revew, test start working
4) CC - code complete by dev
5) TCC - test case complete by test
6) RTW - bugs fixed, test case passed, release to world


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