Thursday, August 7, 2008

Life: Pollution in China

There are lots of discussions about pollutions in Beijing. Seriously, I think those who haven't been to Beijing had no reason to criticize the situation.
I agree that the air is not as good as Canberra, the sky is not as blue as Australia, but it is no way close to what I've seen in the pictures taken by
Aussie news site such as this post
People have their own judgment and it is not so easy to fool people with such stupid photo, which only shows a cloudy day with fog. If that is what
so called pollution,
  • There are similar pollutions anywhere in the world
  • Could 16 million people possibly live in that dark city without an abnormal death rate?
I spend almost 5 years in Beijing and my lung is not suffering and hey, I am still alive. Oh, I forgot to mention that Beijing Welcome all visitors. Seeing is believing.

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