Saturday, August 9, 2008

Yet Another Ipod Touch Jailbreak tutorial

When you buy a brand new Ipod Touch (called ipod later in this tutorial) nowadays is Version 1.1.5  (Version can be checked in iTunes)

To be able to run customised applications on your iPod, you can either upgrade your ipod to 2.0.1 and pay money to Apple app store and buy the application, or, you jailbreak you ipod at the current firmware and install applications that is free. (Unfortunately doesn't mean open source)  The disadvantage is that you won't be able to buy and run 2.0 applications.


Now, some details about method A, upgrade.

When you choose to upgrade, you pay $12 upfront. With the application development kit SDK 2.0 published weeks ago, programmers can develop in-house applications for iphone and ipod, and sell then on Apple app store. $99 is needed to join this development agreement. But I am sure that we can develop applications and run it on ipod without publishing it to Apple store. The requirement to develop using the SDK is also critical, such as intel CPU Mac with 10.5.3 OS and Xcode 3.1. It seems difficult to even meet these requirements. Some sample code using Accelerometer can be found at

The AccelerometerGraph sample application graphs the motion of the device along each of three axes. It demonstrates how to use the UIAccelerometer class as well as how to render Quartz 2D graphics in a UIView that continually updates. It also demonstrates a technique to "remove" the gravity influence from the accelerometer values using a basic high-pass filter.


Method B, jailbreak

Jailbreak is what 80% people do to their ipod. I jailbreak my ipod using a software called Ziphone and it works fine. There are both Mac and Windows Version of this software, and it can be downloaded from

After installing it to the computer, connects ipod with your computer. Run the software and ONLY CLICK "JAILBREAK",  don't try to activate or do it all, those are the options for iphone.

Now you need to wait about 90 seconds and wish yourself good luck. Ipod will flashing and restart during the time and if no drama happens, Ziphone should report "Done" on your computer when it finishes.

Disconnected the jailbreak ipod and give it a restart. You will notice few more little icon on your screen, look for something called "installer".  This is an "application management" application, and you can install all other applications through this application. It is extremely convenient for users to search for softwares and install softwares. Before you run this application, check your wi-fi connections. You might need VPN to actually access the network (particularly at work).

Open the application and do a search on "AcceleroLog", and click install. Now at least we have something to quickly show the accelerometer functions. Files can be logged to disk and we can download it by ssh to your ipod. The standard usr:pwd is




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