Wednesday, March 25, 2009

java how to convert int to Byte array, and how to assign int value to Byte

Byte only have a constructor which takes Byte itself, so anything like

Byte b = new Byte(1);


Byte b = 1;

will all fail;


The easiest way to assign int to Byte is using the empty constructor, then = operator.

Byte b;

b = 1;

To convert int to Byte array, try the following:

t[0] =(Byte)( foo >> 24 );
t[1] =(Byte)( (foo << 8) >> 24 );
t[2] =(Byte)( (foo << 16) >> 24 );
t[3] =(Byte)( (foo << 24) >> 24 );


Dechu said...

BitConverter, hahahhaha

Dechu said...

i think it would be more clear if you do it like this:

t[0] =(Byte)( foo >> 24 & 0xFF );
t[1] =(Byte)( foo >> 16 & 0xFF );
t[2] =(Byte)( foo >> 8 & 0xFF );
t[3] =(Byte)( foo & 0xFF );

and don't forget it's endian-dependent

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